Why the protagonist is important?

Let's briefly discuss why the protagonist is important.

The protagonist is the story's main character, who drives the plot and is generally the focus of attention. They are better characterized than the other members of the cast. The protagonist is present at the most important events in the story, and his actions, tend to propel the plot forward.

Why the Protagonist is Important

There may be multiple protagonists in a story, wherein they are all equally important, and all trigger pivotal events in the plot. In addition, secondary characters frequently appear in the story (such as the protagonist's inseparable friends) and are frequently confused with the protagonists.

Therefore, the writer must understand the difference between using three protagonists or one protagonist and two friends in the story. Otherwise, the reader may become perplexed and unable to follow the central argument.


How Important is the Protagonist

One of the most common errors a writer can make is to make his protagonist the center of the universe in which he lives. It is a common mistake usually caused by a lack of planning or an overabundance of admiration for that character. A step that should always come before creating the characters for your story is to create the world in which they will live.

Remember that the characters adapt to the world, not the world that adapts to the characters. Even if your initial concept revolved around the hero, and it appears that it doesn't matter what world he lives in, and the only thing that matters is what happens to him or what he does, you must still begin with the world.

A character cannot be defined unless it exists in a defined environment. You can't claim to be a devout believer and fearer of God if you don't even know if religion exists in your world.

You can't also give him a job without first considering whether you're putting him in a world where that job exists and isn't incompatible with other aspects of the world.

If you don't plan carefully, your story will be riddled with inconsistencies and nonsense.

Worse yet, the reader will notice. He will realize that your character is the cosmos' navel and that the universe was created by him. It shows, and it shows a lot.

No realistic character has a tailor-made world. Nobody gets to choose where or how they are born in the real world. Life is full of obstacles imposed by our existence, frequently overwhelming us.

A self-respecting character must encounter and overcome such challenges at some point in her life. As a result, he must live in a world where he has encountered difficulties, even if they are minor daily inconveniences.

The author determines the magnitude of these difficulties. But be careful; if you're too generous, you might create a Gary Stu.

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