Why Should Adults Read Children's Books

In this post, we answer a reader's question: Why should adults read children's books?

10 Reasons Why Adults Should Read Children's Books

Children's books tell better stories. Complicated romantic relationships, messed-up resumes, the injustices of the world, and other plot-slowing issues are the stuff of thick, challenging adult books. In children's literature, relationships are fairly uncomplicated, life takes interesting turns on occasion, and injustice can be fought. As a result, there is reduced suffering and increased activity.

Children's books are more enjoyable because children's stories are written with a direct, fresh wit. There is more laughter in children's books, which is a good thing.

I can start reading books for children right away. With books for adults, I would first have to find the reading glasses, sometimes on the desk, sometimes on the couch, and sometimes on the reading rocking chair. My eyes seem to be getting older, so the bigger font in the children's books is good for me.

Reading children's books helps you to stay young. Spending a week in adult mode does not serve me well. It's bad enough that my eyesight is deteriorating. At least children's books provide light-hearted topics and art you can appreciate.

The illustrations in children's books are the best. So who decided that adults don't require pictures? And why is everyone complying with it?

Children's books are short and sweet. At least from an adult's point of view, a child will undoubtedly see things differently. Children's books give me the satisfaction of being able to read an entire book - or even two.

You can read whatever you want as an adult. I don't need any reason to read children's books that I want to read!


Children's books contain more action. More activity? What? No! It can't be! Well, for example, consider a typical children's book. It tells a mostly straightforward story. The plot progresses toward a predetermined goal, a climax, and, in most cases, a happy ending. There are no complicated conspiracies or devious intrigues that only make sense at the end of the book. The condensed, compact content is more relevant than "adult" novels because it is limited to the essentials. As a result, it contains more action than a complicated, intertwined narrative. After a long, exhausting day at work or with family, a children's book is the perfect way for adults to unwind.

Children's books make you happy. The majority of children's books have an uplifting narrative tone. This makes sense since we want our children to enjoy reading and not feel negative about it. But, to be honest, whether it's a best-selling thriller or not, sometimes you want to read something "light" that will put you to sleep with a good feeling after a long day. When you read children's books, you will likely feel that everything will be okay in the end.

Children's books are brimming with imagination. What is the one thing that many adult books are missing? That's correct, FANTASY! Unicorns! Mythical beasts! MAGIC! In most children's books, miracles still happen. Then Santa Claus comes down the chimney, despite being far too fat, and manages to visit all the children in the world in one night, even though the poor guy has to do it all alone. Even the great Peter Pan stated that adults could not fly because they lacked imagination. There can be no happy thoughts without imagination, no magical fairy dust without imagination, and no flying without fairy dust. This must be fixed! And in the meantime, let's read imaginative children's books.

With children's books, I can finally feel like a kid again. Do you remember the phrase "Everything was better in the past."? "I wish I could be a kid again." It is not only you but all of us. You don't always want to be an adult. Being an adult can be challenging at times. Taxes, work, and accountability. Repeat. Do you want to be a kid again for a short while? It's possible! Sometimes a book from childhood is all you need to accomplish that.

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