Why Is Story Structure Important?

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What is Story Structure & Why Is It Important? 

Story structure refers to the order your story is presented to best elicit an emotional response from your audience. The story structure also includes the characters, events, reactions, and outcomes that occur in the story, while still managing to tell a coherent plot.

The fundamentals of good storytelling have been known for centuries; even in the earliest civilizations, storytellers understood when it was appropriate for a hero to make an entrance, when the plot should take a turn for the worse, and when a climax should build up to and then fade away.

Some scientists even think that our brains are made to tell stories.

However, no matter what kind of story you're telling, where it takes place, or what medium you use, you can't get around the basic rules of telling a story. 


Let them have what they want: People unconsciously expect certain things to happen at specific points in a movie. The structure of a well-made movie lets your audience's emotions run wild and allows them to live through your Protagonist and supporting characters without them even realizing it.

The structure of a screenplay is concerned with two things: the substance of your story and how you tell it. Story and plot are two common terms used to describe the components that make up the narrative screenplay structure.

The right pace: Pacing is important when telling your story because it keeps people on the edge of their seats. If the story moves quickly, the Hollywood executive will be eager to turn the page and discover what happens next.

Scenes: As you write each scene and then edit it, you should have at least one notable purpose for each scene. Scenes without structure can describe a setting, or something about a character, but won't actually add any real information, decisions, actions, changes, or forward movement to the story as a whole.

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