Why is screenwriting important?

It is necessary to create a story and meticulously carry out the script in which several parallel actions converge in time, culminating in a single final scene. For example, the plot is set up as a meeting at which two rival gangs plan a bank robbery while an informant alerts the police. Four stories are told concurrently: scenes from the bank, how the first gang acts, how the second gang moves, and police activities. The parallel actions will be mixed in the film, culminating in a single final scene. A very strict script must be followed.

Understanding the significance of creativity and narration through moving images is critical. We'll use video because it's always easier to find than a film camera. You will begin by making a video film, either a short film or a documentary. Simultaneously, beginners will become acquainted with the narrative of the moving image by employing a video camera, filming various shots, employing some techniques, and appreciating how a story can be narrated or better understood and communicated reality through video.

They will value how new languages can be used from images, that is, a different way of telling things, and will thus constantly practice techniques, special effects, tricks, and different ways of expression that will advance both technique and skill.

To investigate and learn

Activity 1. Do camera practices.

Film everyday scenes, shots, and frames on video.

1. Shoot various types of shots: Wide shot, medium shot, short medium shot, close shot

2. Film different focal lengths with the video camera. Choose the object and use the zoom. Later, do the same without the zoom.

3. Shoot with super wide angle, wide angle, normal, telephoto, super telephoto.

4. Film a long shot. Choose a situation where there are many people. Vary the different types of planes and placement of the camera.

5. Film a long shot. Choose a situation where there is only one person. Follow her with the camera and use a variety of shots, camera movements, zoom, etc.

6. Film detail shots using the camera's macro.

Activity 2. Create stories

This activity aims to reflect on the importance of creativity in producing video and film material. You have to invent a story and make it into a comic. It is a job that should be done in a group to improve creativity.

Find an idea and invent a story. It can be serious or funny, real or fictional. A good start can be to invent something that has to do with what is happening around you.

Make a narration as detailed as possible of the text. Don't worry about lengthening or being too literary. Later, what is left over is eliminated; all ideas can serve.

Draw a comic with the invented story. It does not have to have more than two pages or 18 vignettes. It can be the beginning of the storyboard

Find an idea to make a documentary. It can be about something nearby, a school day, some situation linked to nature, an institution in the environment, etc. The important thing is that everything that is told is real.

Think and write an idea for an advertising spot. Few ideas, brief in their writing but of great interest.

Activity 3 . Write a script for a documentary

This activity will contact the research that must be carried out before preparing a script in which actual events are narrated.

With the idea developed in the previous activity, write the script for a documentary lasting no more than twenty minutes. You have to give a lot of importance to the text, which is what will support and serve as support for the images that will later be filmed. It can be done in three columns. One for text, another to explain the image, and the third in which the sounds, background music, etc., are explained. If a fourth column can be added, it will be the storyboard or drawing, a simple sketch, which will later help to make the frames better.

Activity 4 . Write a script for a fiction film

This activity will make contact with a fictitious story that must be told through a script. In activity number two, the idea is already there. It must be completed so that when all the shoot elements have to be prepared, it costs less.

Divide the work into four columns, as in the previous activity.

  • Dialogues.
  • Images.
  • Music and sounds.
  • storyboard

 Activity 5. Make a script for an advertising spot This activity is used to find an advertising idea and express how to film it as an advertisement with a script. The commercial should not be longer than 30 seconds.

Here are resources I recommend to get more in-depth knowledge

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