Why Do Celebrities Write Children's Books?

Have you ever wondered why do celebrities write children's books?

Celebrities usually write children's books because they have children of their own, they had the means to pay someone else to write it, or a publisher discussed an interest in using their star power to nearly guarantee book sale profits.

In most cases, when a publisher works with a celebrity, the celebrity author will go on tour to promote the book. This helps generate sales because some customers solely buy the book to get the celebrity's autograph and meet them.

On infrequent occasions, the book has real value and continues to live on beyond the time of its initial release, as the very best books for children do.

Your typical children's books are not removed from the shelves to make room for celebrity children's books. Sales of children's books are driven by librarians and grandparents, two demographics who are likely skeptical of children's books written by celebrities. On top of that, children rarely have any knowledge whatsoever regarding the identities of adult celebrities.

Novels intended for young adults are an entirely different story. Teenagers are often the primary drivers of demand for popular novels. However, for such celebrities to be considered "cool to kids," they must belong to a select trending group within the culture of society.


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