Why Character Arc is Important

Let's briefly go over why character arc is important.

How & Why Character Arc is Important

What happens to the character throughout the narrative is what is referred to as the character arc.

The plot's focus on the character's reaction to the action rather than just the action itself is a key element. We prefer stories in which the characters undergo change and emerge from the story a different person from when it began.

There are some exceptions, like crime novels where the detective is the same throughout a series of books. However, switching characters can help the reader understand the plot better and express a particular theme.

Utilizing the techniques below is one way to create a strong character arc:

  • A starting point is where we get to know the character and get an idea of ​​their inner wounds.
  • A call to adventure that the character needs to answer, usually reluctantly.
  • An incident that impacts layers of it.
  • A profound disturbance.
  • A moment of change, sometimes through an epiphany.
  • One result.

According to James Scott Bell, people are made up of layers. These layers include self-image, beliefs, values, prevalent attitudes, and opinions. And if you gradually change a lot of your character's opinions, you might find that their attitudes, values, and even beliefs have changed without even realizing it.

Repetition of the motif by showing the character their "old self," or even haunting them with their own words, are interesting ways to demonstrate change in characters.

It's not enough for you to tell the audience that the main character has changed, you must be able to demonstrate this to the audience through their actions (or lack thereof).

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