What are the two worlds of the hero's journey?

"Every once in a while, whether we are warriors or not, we all have a cubic inch of chance that comes our way. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior knows this. One of his duties, then, is to be alert and take a wait-and-see approach so that when his chance comes, he will have the speed and courage to act in the best way.' (Carlos Castenada)

Sometimes in life, perfect moments occur when everything comes together particularly. That incredible experience can set you on a path of inner transformation. This is your opportunity to improve your life and fulfill your destiny.

This is an opportunity that a warrior or a hero seizes. Each of us carries a warrior or a hero within, but few dare to follow the prompting. This is because you must embark on a heroic journey.

A heroic journey, as told in fairy tales, stories, and myths. Joseph Campbell, a cultural philosopher, discovered a universal pattern in these stories, tales, and myths worldwide. It appears to have a ground pattern, a blueprint. A series of stages through which such a journey takes place. He dubbed it "the hero's journey" or "the hero's journey" (ess).

Understanding the stages of this heroic journey can help you continue your inner transformation process when things get difficult.

By an inner transformation, I mean genuine fundamental changes that alter your perspective on yourself and the world around you. Go the distance. It extends far beyond some minor adjustments to circumstances. Furthermore, it does not have to be a one-time experience; you can (and must) go through it multiple times throughout your life.

Every person's life contains a hero's journey. The goal of this journey is for you to become a master of two worlds: inside and outside. That your inside and outside are in sync. Then you live as who and what you truly are on the inside.

On this hero's journey, you will go through the following stages:

The call to adventure or the awakened desire

The invitation to go on an adventure or the reawakening of a dormant yearning can come to you in the form of a lucid epiphany, a calm voice from deep within your being, or it can hit you like a ton of bricks. It might result from a traumatic event in your life, such as getting sick, getting divorced, or suffering another kind of loss. Something that completely disrupts the way you usually live your life.

Perhaps you feel compelled to do this. You have the opportunity to live a different life and become a more improved version of yourself. A career choice, possibly against one's will and with gratitude.

Some events can arouse a desire. An intense yearning to be oneself resides deep within each one of us.

Overcoming Resistance

At this point, you will face opposition. Your desire for adventure compels you to abandon your familiar back roads. That instills fear of loneliness. That is frequently cited as why people do not pursue personal transformation.

So, first and foremost, you must overcome your resistance to change. You know what you have, and while it may be unsatisfying and unfulfilling, it is predictable and thus safe.

The environment is also in an uproar. 'Who do you think you are?', 'it's okay,' 'you can't do that,' and so on.

If the awakened desire is strong enough, or if you know deep down that this is your path, this desire will guide you through the opposition.

Help and magic helpers

You leave your comfort zone if you have decided to follow your desire despite resistance or fear of being alone or if life has forced you to do so. Don't act as though you're shocked when good things come your way. Things you had no way of knowing were going to happen before that point.

There is a possibility that you will encounter a great deal of synchronicity in your life at this time. For example, you will encounter benefactors in a variety of guises, you will participate in activities you have never done before, and become more aware of aspects of yourself that you were less conscious of previously.

Doors appear where there used to be walled in front of you, and a new world becomes accessible. You are standing on the forest's edge but cannot make out any trails in the distance.


You desperately need that assistance at this point. You've left the old behind, and the new has yet to arrive. It's dark, you're scared, and there's no way out. You must create it yourself. You will face great fear and trials in this. At this point, many people turn around and leave.

When fear takes the form of a monster, you must stare it down. In stories, it is frequently represented as the dragon that must be defeated. To advance, this dragon must be defeated.

These trials are the first steps toward your destiny. According to Joseph Campbell, your jewel is in the cave you most fear entering.

At this point, you must show courage. Courage to persevere in the face of adversity.

Healing and Fulfillment

You build strength by moving past your fears step by step. Confidence in yourself increases. Appreciating yourself with all the trimmings has a tremendous healing effect. You have come out of the battle with your shadows and fears purified. You have become more robust and more balanced. You feel more complete than ever. Your inside and your outside are more in tune.

You take your new self, as a gift, out into the world. It can change your life quite a bit. Your story and how you live inspire others to take steps in their lives. You don't have to do more for that than just be yourself.

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