7 Types of Children's Stories [Classification & All Types]

In this post, we discuss what types of children's stories there are.

Children still enjoy reading stories even in the digital age we live in. They solidify the bond between parents and children, serve as excellent inspiration for the kids' imagination, and can even promote sounder sleep!

What Are The Types of Children's Stories

There are numerous categories in which to place children's stories. The following is a list of types of children's stories:

Folk Tales

They are the oldest and most traditional tales verbally passed down from generation to generation. Many are fables, myths, and legends with a moral or lesson to impart.

Their authorship is frequently unknown and differs from the original story because, depending on who tells the tale, they may have changed, removed, or added details that alter the original story.

Fantastic fairy Tales

Disney and the Brothers Grimm have popularized fairy tales. Rapunzel, Hansel, Gretel, Frozen, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood are a few examples.

The Dragon of the Stars, in which the child will accompany the dragon back to his lost home, is one of the fantastic personalized stories from MiCuento that kids adore the most.

Realistic Tales

Realistic fiction tells believable tales with familiar characters and an engaging plot but without fantasy. Instead, they are author-invented tales with typically in-depth descriptions.

Mystery Tales

For kids older than 6, one of the most appealing genres of children's literature. They successfully keep the listener or reader's attention until the end, thanks to a mysterious plot. Everything, from paranormal occurrences to police issues, can be explained by them.


Historical Tales

These stories rely on having a historical setting. These settings can have a broad range of time periods and unique protagonists.

Comical stories

Comical tales make people laugh by telling a lighthearted and amusing story. Events frequently include jokes, awkward characters, and improbable circumstances.

Horror stories

The final type of children's story is horror. They seek to instill fear and provoke a chill, the polar opposite of comedians. These stories are not recommended for young children because they can cause insomnia. Save them for when they are at least seven years old.

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