How to Practice Script Writing

In this post, we briefly go over how to practice script writing.

7 Tips on How to Practice Script Writing

Here are seven exercises that will assist you in overcoming creative blocks and a lack of ideas.

1. Initial

This is the beginning of the script, where we will identify the message we want to convey and the story's objective.

It is important to clearly understand who the story will be aimed at and what the audience's language is.

At this stage, you can take notes or record.

2. First writing

Write down on paper what you learned from the initial stage.

What stands out in the initial stage is what the mind naturally retains. These pertinent details are usually worth keeping in your story.

Instead of writing, you can also record and transcribe what you say if you have trouble putting your ideas into words.

3. Follow general storytelling rules

  • Craft a well-made hero who is relatable
  • Define the conflict the hero needs to face
  • Use action to help pace the story

4. Rewrite & Polish

Read your text aloud. You will more easily grasp repetitions and heavy or difficult formulations to make the text more fluid. Be very vigilant and delete anything that does not add value. Measure the importance of each word carefully. Adverb or no adverb. Adjective or not. Avoid keeping formulas that are close to your heart and that bring nothing.

5. Think visually

The text should suggest images for faster visualization. If you can change an abstract expression into a pictorial expression, do so. Imagine the scenes. If you had to stage your text, what would happen?


6. Cutscenes & Storyboard

From this step, you can cut out the different scenes that don't fit your story. You can explore different storylines and how the story will be structured.

You can make a storyboard even if you don't know how to draw: a quick sketch gives you a concrete idea of ​​the story in different shots.

7. Crafting the Ending

The end is the outcome of the story. Every story is a transformation. So highlight the outcome by revealing the transformation concerning the primordial situation.

Do not hesitate to force the line. And then, finish with a call to action.

Here are resources I recommend to get more in-depth knowledge

Storytelling 101 teaches you how to write compelling stories worthy of commercial success. This is best for screenwriters, novelists, filmmakers, videogame writers and storytellers.

Children’s Books 101 teaches you how to write stories that children will love. This is best for aspiring children’s book authors and storytellers.

Owl AI is the revolutionary AI-powered content production platform that helps storytellers, writers, and bloggers of all subject matter easily create highly-polished content.

Success, Money & Mindset Subliminal is a self-hypnosis recording that we recommend to new writers to help with focus, concentration, creativity, and motivation.

Shadow Work Journal: 240 Daily Prompts contains inner work exercises related to relationships, anger, anxiety, self-love, healing trauma, abandonment issues, depression, forgiveness, etc.


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