Quick Exercises to Practice Building Characters

It is not enough to create an interesting character; those characteristics must be maintained and developed throughout the script. We must create characters who retain their personalities throughout the story.

That is why the screenwriter must practice character development. The two exercises below can help you with this:

Change the role of the protagonist and the antagonist

Take one of your favorite movies and swap the protagonist and antagonist roles in the plot.

For example, in "Psycho," Norman Bates is the innocent boy who looks after his disabled mother, and Marion is a dangerous criminal who has come to the Bates Motel to murder and rob its owners.

What if Freddy Krueger was a good man who was marginalized because of his appearance, and his victims were a group of terrorists planning an attack?

Change the characterization

Choose a movie you know well and drastically change the psychological profile of its main characters.

For example: What if the character of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” instead of being a crazy and somewhat naive girl, was a calculating and cold woman? What if Richard Gere's character in the same film was a drug trafficker wanted by the DEA?

These two exercises will help you improve the characters in your stories, and who knows? They may inspire you to write a screenplay.

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Here are resources I recommend to get more in-depth knowledge

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