16 Celebrities & Comedians Who Write Children's Books

Here is a list of sixteen celebrities and comedians who write children's books:

  • Ben Flajnik

Frequent Flyers, a children's book by ABC's former Bachelor, teaches children to be confident when traveling. "The character's personalities were born out of being able to spend more time with small circles of the people I love the most, so thank you for being so receptive," Ben wrote on Instagram. "There's more exciting news on the way."

  • Madonna

Five unforgettable female characters are introduced to the readers, and it's impossible not to fall in love with them. Young readers will easily relate to the characters, from their favorite pets to their worst habits.

  • Sharon Osbourne

As the Talk cohost writes about Mama Hook sailing the Never Sea, it's time for a pirate adventure.

  • Brooke Shields

The actress, a mother of two daughters, had no trouble writing this story. In the story, a young woman becomes a big sister and quickly realizes there is much to be thankful for!

  • Jerry Seinfeld

For young children who don't understand the significance of Halloween, the Seinfeld actor tries to explain the frightening tradition with humor and a little candy.

  • Ray Romano

The Parenthood star introduces readers to three brothers who aren't always on the best terms. However, in this amusing story, we quickly learn that family is forever!

  • LeAnn Rimes

The country singer travels to the jungle, where readers meet Jag, a female tiger. The animal's bravery will inspire young children as she confronts her fears and fights for what she believes in.

  • Julianne Moore

The actress explains to children in her remarkable book that everyone is unique in their way. After all, the things that distinguish you are also what defines you! Julianne, you said it perfectly.

  • Tim McGraw

He can act, sing, and make up great stories. The country hunk writes about a father and daughter who have a wild afternoon together.

  • Jay Leno

On his late-night show, he makes adults laugh. But the comedian hopes a funny story about a family dinner will make kids laugh in his children's book.

  • Queen Latifah

The talk show host gives her story much girl power when she introduces a young woman with many games.

  • Whoopi Goldberg

The cohost of The View writes about a young girl who doesn't want to dance or move. Her mom has big plans, but they are very different from what her daughter wants to do.

  • Taye Diggs

The actor worked with Baskin Robbins to write an e-book that takes parents and kids on a trip into the magical world of a creature to learn a valuable lesson about being kind and accepting of others.

  • Jimmy Fallon

Since 2017, when Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dad came out, the late-night host has written three more children's books. So the book's campaign to get kids to say "Dada" as their first word will be familiar to all dads.

  • Gabrielle Union

Welcome to the Party was written by the actress as a love letter to all babies and families. The cute children's book has been praised by many famous people and was named an Amazon Best Book of the Year for 2020.

  • Pharrell Williams

Their hit song was turned into a book that captured the incredible energy of the music. The pictures of what it means to be happy in different cultures will be fun for the whole family.

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