Can Anyone Write A Children's Book?

If you've ever wondered, "Can anyone write a children's book?" then let me answer your question with a resounding:

No, not just anyone can write a successful children's book. Writing a successful story is a result of many factors, such as luck, talent, timing, resources, and so on. However, you can always write a children's story as an artistic endeavor for your own creative fulfillment.

Everyone Can Write, But Not Everyone Can Be An Author

We had a professor who once said, "Accept that things can always go wrong when you sit down to write a book."

This is one of those things we had to learn early on in our writing careers. It helped us push through self-doubt and the analysis paralysis that comes from relentless perfectionism.

We can tell you right now that not everyone has what it takes to publish a book, much less a children's book.

But writing is an art, and it's an art that anyone can practice.

Anyone can write a children's book. But not everyone can publish a successful children's book.

Writing a book is the same as spreading a message, a story, an emotion, or information. With the advent of social media, there is an increasing amount of content out there. Unfortunately, this abundance of information significantly increases the quantity of content at the expense of quality.


Overburdened by constant requests for publication, publishers don't want to make the mistake of giving a voice to everyone, including stories and messages that do not add value to others or enrich them. Allowing mass amounts of content that add nothing would result in an ever-expanding ocean of mediocre publications being created. Where finding a single valuable book would become a "treasure hunt."

Some people even believe that the number of likes their post receives would translate to money in their pocket, were the content published by a major publisher. But here's the thing: those posts got those likes because the story they read was free.

Seriously consider how many likes a post would get if there was a cost for reading it.

It's also important to understand those notable publishers are well-aware that they are publishing books that leave a legacy—a mark on the world.

Many printed copies will likely outlast the author himself. Others, for better or worse, will leave traces forever.

When selecting publications, I frequently ask myself whether the story truly adds value to the world and whether it enriches current and future generations. I'm curious about the emotions it will evoke in readers and the message it will leave in their hearts.

These questions serve as a guide for me in deciding which texts to publish and which to reject.

Oh, and by the way—

Never write for money.

I recognize this is a strong statement for some, but I have concluded that it is the same as any other line of work.

When you only do something for the money, you lose the main objective, along with your passion and creativity for the art.

Writing a book is giving a gift of love to one's neighbor; it is the desire to develop a close emotional, intellectual, and cultural bond with the reader.

It doesn't make much sense to write merely to see your name printed on a lovely cover.

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