Best Apps And Software To Write Children's Books

In this post, we go over some of the best apps and software to write children's books.

Some children appear to have their noses in books from birth. Some people are naturally poetic. Others require something to facilitate their writing assignments for class. Writing and book-making apps are a ton of fun for these kids.

List of the Best Apps & Software to Write Children's Books

Many book-making apps are available, but we've researched and compiled our favorites to save you time. Some are so sophisticated that you could use them to write and publish an actual book (!), while others are simple enough for the youngest writers.

Book Creator

Any age writer can create various books using the Book Creator app on their tablet. However, the app is suggested for children as young as four. Kids can create picture books, art books, common e-books, and even comic books using this software, which is appropriate for use in the classroom or at home.

Young authors can alter the book's format, text, illustrations, and more. When they are finished, they can publish their books and make them accessible through Google Play or the iBooks Store. Furthermore, the first book released is free (and permanently accessible for classroom use).

A one-time in-app purchase is necessary to create an unlimited number of books and comics in Book Creator One, which is accessible on all iPad models.


Feature-rich for writing books and stories on the iPad. You can start using the files stored on the device, which is great for kids who frequently use iPads to keep diaries or write short stories. Additionally, you can edit your work on an encrypted website or on the iPad, which increases accessibility and security.

Order hardcover or softcover published versions of their books once you've finished writing, editing, and rewriting them. You can also share your books on social media.

Book Writer

The Book Writer app is the only resource needed for children (and parents) who want to create multimedia books on their iPhones or iPads. In addition to typing text, users can also add images, videos, music, narration, and even draw directly inside the book.

Several different template types, drag-and-drop options, and the ability to add content directly from the camera or microphone are all part of the user-friendly interface. Kids will quickly understand the writing and editing processes, inspiring them to write a book with lots of extras. Completed works can be shared using iTunes, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services and published on iBooks.


Story Buddy 2

Story Buddy 2 is another very user-friendly and intuitive book-writing app that is appealing to kids of all ages, but it is delightful to younger children. Although this app initially appears to be more straightforward than others that provide dozens of tools and options, its simplicity makes the book creation process easier. This enables aspiring writers to concentrate more on the book's content than the actual publication.

Children can combine written text with pictures, drawings, and audio files. Sharing completed books with everyone is simple because authors can publish them as PDF or ePub files.


You can tell this app must be adorable because it has such a cute name as Scribble. Children who enjoy graphic novels, picture books, and other publications with many illustrations will enjoy everything this program offers.

Children first select from one of the many available themes, which include titles like Wizard School and Mixed-up Pet and categories like Animals or Fairy Tales. They then use a fill-in-the-blank template to write their story. They can produce polished distinctive-looking illustrations yet by using pre-made backgrounds, drawing tools, or "stickers." They can also include their images and voice narration. The app makes a fantastic teaching tool for the classroom or at homeschool because it allows multiple kids to use one tablet at a time.

Here are resources I recommend to get more in-depth knowledge

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