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Becky R. has been a ghostwriter for both fiction and nonfiction books since she graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria with a bachelor's degree in Literature back in 2015. She has written over 16 books over the past several years on a variety of subjects.

Richard A. has been a copywriter and fiction writer since he graduated from California State University back in 2017. He has written for multiple successful blogs and websites and he continues to publish written works that have changed over hundreds of thousands of lives to this day.

He is most recognized online for his popular blogs innershadowwork and domsubrelationship.

Jeff S. has been a writing prodigy since high school before he decided to adopt his pen name. He is in talks with publishing companies who have taken an interest in his incredible poetry and sophisticated short stories.

You can view some of his earliest works at coppiceoftales.com.

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